Zorblyat: The Gassy Beans

-Game Brief-

Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, there lived Zorblyat the Mad eccentric alien scientist known for his curiosity and strange experiments. One day, while conducting a daring experiment on his spaceship, something went terribly wrong, and he found himself crash-landing on Earth, right into an open sewer system.

To his surprise, the sewer turned out to be a secret dumping ground for a Soviet experiment involving magical beans that granted extraordinary powers. Determined to fix his spaceship and return home, Zorblyat embarks on a quest to collect these mysterious beans scattered throughout the sewer.


Updated Mar 08, 2024
Published Mar 04, 2024
GenreAdventure, Educational
Tags Beans, Comedy, Leaderboard, 

-Project Summary-

This Project was made in participation to the War Game Jam 2023. The Time limit of the jam was 2 days to finish with a team of 2 people including me worked intensely to bring the project to life. View More Details about the jam [Here]

-Role & Contributions To The Project-

Contributed to the creation of the first house level. Created in blender by creating the main structure and then outsourcing the assets editing and then placing them in the right spot.

I took the previous render pipeline in unity and changed it to HDRP as the graphics were not as they were in blender 3D. To do this I needed to create a simple post process volume and adding effect like Bloom, Fog, ambient occlusion etc. With that, I also needed to change all the shaders.

As we were putting finishing touches we needed to find a way to finish the game without creating confusion, so i manage to make the following outro cutscene in blender and then edit it in capcut.


After the first upload of the game during the game jam I was tasked to create a short trailer to win a spot to showcase the game at a game expo at Barclays Games & Creative  


I added a couple of additions to the gameplay aesthetics by implementing sound effects for footsteps (different one for each surface) and ambience sound for wind/rain to create an atmosphere. Additionally, I added dust orbs and sunlight rays for that exact cause.