Wild Wide East

One Really Wild Cowboy From The East

-Game Brief-

The game stated in a fictional city that resembles new York, it starts with a cowboy visiting the local national zoo. The main character enjoys his time until he approaches an aggressive gorilla, while being on a save place he intimidates the gorilla by eating a banana in front of it and then throwing the peel to its face. Enraged the Gorilla has an mental outbreak and breaks opens its cage. You end up getting chased by the Gorilla and you need to escape by reaching a safe area. On the way, you need to avoid obstacles that will cut your speed down, you have to make sure that the challenges don’t slow you down too much so that the gorilla that is chasing you does not catch you.


Updated Nov 27, 2022
Published Nov 27, 2022
Tags 2D, Side Scroller, Unity
TeamNikolaos Ntvouretsenski, Veselin Kanchev

-Project Summary-

Being the first ever game I finished and the first game jam I participated this project was one of the best game development experiences I had. Working on it with a colleague a couple of weeks after we graduated from college we wanted something new to challenge ourselves so we join the Lost Cartridge Jam 2022 [Here] We started the development with a sketch and a mood board full of ideas. The Development went surprisingly very smoothly finishing with 3 hours left on the clock, submitting successfully. After 7 months we successfully showcased the game at Gamebridge 2023. 

-Role & Contributions To The Project-

You can view All The Contribution in the video bellow